Social responsibility

Social responsibility

Çimko conducts its social responsibility activities through the Sani Konukoğlu Foundation, which is under the roof of Sanko Holding. Sani Konukoğlu Foundation, according to the evaluation made by the Directorate General of Foundations, is among the top 10 most aid foundations in Turkey.

In the social responsibility activities we have been carrying out through Sani Konukoğlu Foundation there are; the welfare, education, happiness and social development of the people of the region.

In addition to the primary schools built by Çimko in Narlı and Pazarcık and providing education under the name of Çimko, a large number of schools in the residential areas where we operate are supported on building arrangements, books and educational materials.

Çimko carries out sectoral and regional cooperation in the field of education which constitutes the priority of social responsibility activities.

In addition to the studies on education, Gaziantep is supported by historical and cultural studies as an institution.

Social Responsibility