Code of Ethics

Business Ethics Rules

Our goal in creating our ethical principles as Çimko, is to provide all our commercial, economic and financial activities and operations within honesty, confidentiality, respect for the customs and customs rules, in the framework of social responsibility, environmental legislation,to comply with the rules of market competition and all legal regulations and rules of law. Our Ethic principles are extremely important in terms of maintaining our company's competitiveness in the market conditions, and fulfilling its responsibilities to protect social responsibility and the environment, and to continue its strong existence based on solid foundations.

  • Honesty: The relations with our stakeholders are based on the honesty.
  • Privacy: This includes information not only of company information, but also of employees, suppliers, customers, and all stakeholders with whom communication and information are shared. Our systems, policies, practices; we improve this information to ensure the security and confidentiality.
  • Our responsibilities: It is not only the information of the company, but also the employees, suppliers, customers, communication and information of all the stakeholders who are sharing information.We improve our systems, policies and practices in the line to keep the confidentiality of the information.
  • Conflict of Interest: Our employees act in a way that cannot allow for conflict of interest. Taking advantage of our current mission; we do not provide personal benefit from the persons and organizations in which we are engaged in business through our family or relatives.

All Çimko employees are obliged to comply with these principles defined in detail in the Çimko Code of Ethics. In case of detection of violations of these principles, the sanctions to be imposed are managed by the Board of Ethics.

Ethics Committee Communication

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